C&W Identifies Major Savings Across Global HQ Portfolio

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The Challenge

Coca Cola Enterprises currently occupies 180,445 sq. ft (55,000 sq. m.) of headquarters space globally over seven locations supporting some 2,500 employees at an annual total cost of $23.8 million (€18 millon). CCE challenged Cushman & Wakefield to collate and consolidate global property and portfolio information into a globally consistent database; identify opportunities to improve financial performance and space efficiency; and, where possible, identify market opportunities for capital generation.

The Solution

Step 1: Collate quality review and consolidate global property information into a central, accessible, and sustainable property database solution, providing guidance on KPI and management reporting on portfolio data. Step 2: Analyze current property in line with portfolio and market performance to identify opportunities for financial and space optimization. Step 3: Work with local country managers to understand each opportunity in the context of globally consistent standards and local cultural relevance. Identify a suitable delivery, implementation program, and timeline for realization of opportunities. The work included translating the IPD Cost Code for the first time into Russian.

The Result

Cushman & Wakefield identified a number of opportunities for CCE to meet its project and business drivers and our team is currently supporting CCE in determining appropriate management KPIs to monitor and report across its property portfolio. So far, approximately $46.4 million (€35 million) in capital generation projects has been identified. As well, our team is supporting CCE in delivering the same engagement throughout its global sales, marketing, and distribution sites.


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